Benefiting from Continental’s global reputation and resources, we want to co-create tomorrow’s most promising solutions with you, the startups and thought leaders of the technology revolution. Let us inspire each other about the future products and services we can build together - on these pages we share some deeper technology analyses we've written. Reach out and connect with the authors to continue the conversation!


co-pace started in 2017 out of a strategy process to answer how Continental should address the relationship to the startup ecosystems around the world in a structured way. We were not the first (and not the last) to start doing this, but we are proud of ‘how’ we do it. My team and I have had the privilege to work with more than 200 entrepreneurs and thought leaders and to bring more than 20 partnerships off the ground in the past 5 years, generating value for both Continental and the startups.

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Accelerating AI Computing to Fuel ADAS Evolution

AD/ADAS computing demands both a new speed of semiconductor development and performance. This has led to the rise of several startups to develop both SoCs and AI accelerators for AD/ADAS. USD $96.7B ADAS market opportunity by 2030, as projected by UBS, makes this even more attractive.

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co-pace Thought Leader Dialogues: AgTech and SpaceTech

It is at events and conferences that we at co-pace, Continental’s dedicated startup organization, bear witness to the birth of a great many tech trends, establish new connections, and build trust with a variety of industry professionals. And typically, we do all of this in person!

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